2019 predictions for those born in the year of RABBIT

Both auspicious and inauspicious stars are exerting their influence this year, and there will likely be minor hiccups. Do your best to avoid conflict with others.


Career fortune seems relatively weak. No matter what industry you are engaged in, you might face some obstacles. You might encounter problems with cash flow. Be mindful with competition from those working in the same line. Stand firm, and be ready to face challenges.


Workload is high and you might feel stressed. There might be disagreements among colleagues. Your subordinates might not be competent, and female colleagues might be in bad terms with each other. If you have planned to quit, it might be difficult for you to land yourself in an ideal job position.


Those born in the 1st and 2nd month have better fortune this year, and you may try out your luck but you should not over-indulge. Those born in the other months of the year do not have much chance in windfalls. Do not risk investing in short term stocks, and refrain from gambling in casinos.


Those whose relationship is matured should consider marriage. Those who are new in a relationship should observe work-life balance to avoid neglecting the significant other. Married men born in 1975 should avoid stray relationships.


Pay more attention to the health condition of the elderly in the family, as they might be troubled with recurring health concerns. Pay more attention also to the children, to prevent them from committing unwanted actions under peer pressure. Females born in 1951 should pay more attention to their health.


Those born in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th lunar month should pray to Taisui, light a lamp for blessing, and engage in more charitable deeds. Do bring home an auspicious ornament for good fortune.

By renowned International Master Geomancers and Folklore Consultant
of Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple San Qing Gong

Jointly compiled by master You Long Zi and Master Sheng Zi Long

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