2020 predictions for those born in the year of SNAKE

Poetic Interpretation:

Many inauspicious stars are aligned in your path, and you may meet robbery, financial loses and illness. You should be cautious, not be greedy for money to prevent loss.


You might face financial difficulties this year. Business directors may not get along with each other. Subordinates may betray you. Business fluctuations will be wild and do not venture to invest overseas or change your job. It’s advisable to work hard and wait for opportunity.


There will be arguments and gossips during work and lack of cooperation and understanding among colleagues. You might feel stressful and sleepless, become emotional. Your performance will be affected. You may even be fired.  Work carefully and steadily. Do not abandon yourself to despair.

Wealth and Windfalls:

Those born in the Lunar 1st, 6th ,9th and 10th month may get a little luck wealth. Do not be greedy. Avoid football and horse betting, stock investments, etc. Be cautious if you are investing in gold and sliver.


As a saying that one happy occasion can counter three unlucky ones,young married couples should consider having a child and those who have matured relationship may prepare for marriage. Lovers who are new in their relationship may break up and face opponents.


Couples may easily have arguments over trivial matters. The elders in the family may have some trouble or sudden health problems. Children may be rebellious. Pay more attention on their behavior and activities. Keep them away from toxic friends.


Those born in the Lunar 2nd, 5th, 8th and the 11th  month must pray to Taisui, light a lamp for blessing, and engage in more charitable deeds. Do bring home an auspicious ornament for good fortune and improvement in their children’s studies.

By renowned International Master Geomancers and Folklore Consultant
of Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple San Qing Gong

Jointly compiled by master You Long Zi and Master Sheng Zi Long

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