San Qing Gong Taoist Cultural Centre (Singapore)


San Qing Gong, the first orthodox taoist temple in Singapore, was founded in March 2003.

Lamp offering

Light is one of five offerings to Deities, and has great significance in Taoism. Bright light shines a million miles to guide us the way of life for good faith and to light up one’s path ahead. Devotees light the lamps not only to seek blessings from the Deities but also to accumulate merits. San Qing Gong provides 3 types of lamp offerings for our devotees:

Tai Shan Lao Jun Brightness Lamp

Blessed peacefulness and good health for family members.

Successful & Achievement Blessing Lamp

Blessed students or learners in achieving excellent results and success.

Good Fortune Lantern

Blessed peacefulness and good fortune for family members.

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