San Qing Gong Taoist Cultural Centre (Singapore)


San Qing Gong, the first orthodox taoist temple in Singapore, was founded in March 2003.

General Heng and Ha

Generals Heng and Ha are dharma protectors in Buddhism and Taoism. Both of them are fierce and brave. One is called Zheng Lun. He is able to spit out white breath from the nose to kill the enemy. The other is called Chen Qi. He is able to spit out yellow breath from the mouth to kill the enemy. These two mythical generals come from a novel written in the Ming dynasty, called Creation of the Gods.

General Heng Zheng Lun served the notorious King Zhou of Shang dynasty, and was originally the head student under Superior man Bubble Vaunter of the Western Kunlun Mountains. He was faithful and diligent, and was Superior man Bubble Vaunter’s favorite disciple. Superior man Bubble Vaunter taught him the power to use magic steam. When Zheng Lun snorted it sounded like a deafening bell, and two rays of white light shot forth from his nostrils sucking up people’s souls. Later he was caught by King Wen of Zhou dynasty, who reformed Zheng Lun into an upstanding member of society.

General Ha Chen Qi was also a general of King Zhou, secretly given his magical yellow gas power by a mysterious, shadowy individual. Chen Qi was taught how to create yellow gas in his stomach, so that whenever he uttered the guttural “Ha!” the yellow gas burst forth sending the souls of all who witnessed this to oblivion. Later he was killed by Nezha. When the Prime Minister (immortal Jiang Ziya) canonized the gods, he promoted Zheng Lun and Chen Qi as guardians. Thus Heng and Ha entered Chinese folklore.

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