San Qing Gong Taoist Cultural Centre (Singapore)


San Qing Gong, the first orthodox taoist temple in Singapore, was founded in March 2003.

Hall of Confucius

It was traditionally known that Confucius had 3,000 disciples.  Of which, 72 of them succeeded in their highest education and were virtuous officials.  There were 79 Confucius statues in San Qing Gong.  Apart from Meng Zi, the remaining 78 statues were disciples of Confucius. The shrine in the Hall of Confucius consecrated the Confucius and his 72 disciples.


Confucius (551-479 BCE, aged 72), Chinese name Kong Qiu, courtesy name Zhongni, was a native of the state of Lu (near present-day Qufu, Shandong Province). He was a great Chinese thinker, educator and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history, and was founder of Confucianism. Traditionally Confucianism and Taoism, Buddhism were said to be the Three Doctrines in China. They constituted the three pillars of traditional Chinese culture. Confucius, who was honored as “a paragon of virtue and learning for all ages” and adored as “Great sage and teacher”, had always been the object of worship by scholars. His moral value of “Benevolence loves others”, social philosophy of “Loyalty and forbearance”, “Doctrine of the mean”, political idea of “the Great harmony which means a perfect society towards uniformity” and principal of education of “To educate all despite their social status” have enormous and far reaching influence on society and are beneficial to future generations.

Holy birthday of Confucius: 27th day of 8th Lunar month

Four Sage : Fu Sheng Yan Hui, Zong Sheng Cheng Can, Shu Sheng Kong Ji, Ya Sheng Meng Ke in the Song Dynasty.  Amongst all, only Meng Ke or Meng Zi was not the

disciple of Confucius.

Meng Zi,  named Meng Ker was born in AD 372 in a city in Shandong.  At the age of 15 and 16, he learnt from Confucius’s grandson, Zhi Zi.  Meng Zi was

China’s renown thinker and a presentative of Confucianism.  He authored a book entitled “Meng Zi”, sharing his thoughts of Confucianism.  He earned high

respect from the people.  Together with Confucius, they were named as Kong Meng.

Ten Sage : Virtue – Zhuan Sun Zi Shi, Min Zi Sun, Ran Zi Geng, Ran Zi Yong

Language – Zai Zi Yu, Duan Mu Zi Ci

Political – Ran Zi You, Zhong Zi You

Arts – Yan Zi Yan, Bu Zi Shang

Sixty-Four Sage (Virtuous People)

There was a saying that Confucius had 3,000 disciples.  Amongst all, 72 were successful disciples.  Yan Hui, Cheng Can, Kong Ji were 3 of the four sage.  All the sage were worshipped at San Qing Gong.

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