2019 predictions for those born in the year of HORSE

Numerous auspicious stars shine upon you. There will be many happy occasions this year, including promotion in career, and profit in business.


This year, many auspicious stars are aligned in your path. You will meet someone who supports your career, and business shall progress rapidly. Finance shall become more and more flexible, and if you can grasp the right timing and plan in detail, your career, both local and overseas, will flourish with the right use of men.


Your colleagues and subordinates will cooperate with you fully, and you can work with high efficiency. Your supervisor will notice you hard work, and you might be promoted. Your opinion will be accepted by the company. This is also a good year to change a job or to start your own business.


There will be many opportunities for you to make a good fortune. However, you should not be greedy or insatiable, to avoid over-spending your luck. You might earn from investment in stocks, if you pay more attention to the trends and changes in world finance. It is best not to gamble.


Love blossoms for those born in 2002. You should pay more attention to your friends of opposite sex. Young married couple born in 1990 should consider having a child. Married men born in 1978 should avoid stray relationships.


Elderly born in the year of Horse will enjoy family joy brought to them by the children in the form of marriage or addition of grandchild(ren). Children are filial, and perform well in studies. Finance is stable, and family life is harmonious. Female born in 1954 and 1966 should take care of their health.


Those born in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th lunar month should pray to Taisui, light a lamp for blessing, and engage in more charitable deeds. Do bring home an auspicious ornament for good fortune.

By renowned International Master Geomancers and Folklore Consultant
of Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple San Qing Gong

Jointly compiled by master You Long Zi and Master Sheng Zi Long

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