2019 predictions for those born in the year of ROOSTER

There are many inauspicious stars in your path this year. Although bad luck might be resolved by the presence of several auspicious stars, you should still be cautious to avoid troubles.


There might be some problems in financial turnover. The shareholders disagree with each other, and might fight for share split. Business partner(s) might betray you. There might be large fluctuation in business. It is a bad year to make overseas investment, or to switch to another industry or profession. Stay calm and take things in your stride.


There will be many squabbles and gossips at work. Colleagues often quarrel with each other due to intolerance and difference in opinion. Your mood swings and you are inefficient in carrying out your duties. Stay calm and cautious to prevent being laid off. Work towards improving yourselves.


This is not a good year to gamble in the casino or to place bets. It is also not advisable to invest in short-term stocks. One should practice extra caution in the investment of gold. Those born in the 1st, 2nd, and 6th lunar month might have some small windfalls.


Young married couples should consider countering the effects of the inauspicious stars with happy occasions like having a child. Those born in 1993 whose relationship is matured should consider marriage. Women born in 1957 should pay more attention to personal health. Those born in 1945 should stay alert to prevent fall.


Spouses tend to get into arguments on trivial matters. Elderly at home might be causing some troubles, causing you to worry for them. Children might be rebellious, so be mindful with the friends they make.


Those born in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th lunar month should pray to Taisui, light a lamp for blessing, and engage in more charitable deeds. Do bring home an auspicious ornament for good fortune.

By renowned International Master Geomancers and Folklore Consultant
of Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple San Qing Gong

Jointly compiled by master You Long Zi and Master Sheng Zi Long

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