2020 predictions for those born in the year of ROOSTER

Poetic Interpretation

There are many auspicious stars shinning upon you, and you will be expecting love and new member(s) to your family.


This year, many auspicious stars are aligned in your path. You will meet someone who supports your career, and business shall progress rapidly. Especially those born in 1969, if you can remain focus and strive towards your goal, your career will flourish.


Your work will be very stable and there will be good new boss, new situation and new tasks. There is a hunch in dealing with things. If you could be humble, work hard, and mind your own business, you will be competent.

Wealth and Windfalls:

Chances of winning lottery are high, especially for those with joyous events in the family. The fortune for those born in the Lunar 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th month is poor and should avoid gambling and investment.


Young married couple born in 1981 should consider having a child. Married gentlemen born in 1969 should be mindful not be involved in any stray relationship which would affect your family, career and wealth. Love blossoms for those born in 1993, but you must be careful.


The elders in the family may get joyous events from children. You should pay more attention to daughter’s actions and studies. Those born in 1957 should pay more attention to personal health to prevent chronic diseases.


Those born in the year of ROOSTER must pray to Taisui and Baihu (white tiger deity), and to light the Taisui Lamp for blessing. Do more charity work and to bring home an auspicious ornament for good fortune.

By renowned International Master Geomancers and Folklore Consultant
of Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple San Qing Gong

Jointly compiled by master You Long Zi and Master Sheng Zi Long

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