2023 predictions for those born in the year of RABBIT

Poetic Interpretation:

There are more inauspicious stars than auspicious stars surrounding you this year. Hence, be cautious in everything you do or you may incur financial losses this year.

Business is not ideal this year with several hardships, it is not advisable to take risks. You should remain in your trade and not seek advancement elsewhere, or it will backfire. Be cautious of shareholders not getting along with each other or being framed which will result in legal disputes and suffering unexpected financial losses.

Your supervisor is demanding and will exert pressure on you. Beware of arguments and rivalry between colleagues. You may become emotional and your performance will be affected. You must face and overcome the problems but do not resign in fit of anger.

Wealth and Windfalls:
Chances of landing a windfall is low, thus refrain from investing and betting. Fortune luck is better for those born in the 11th Lunar month and those who are about to have a joyous celebration within the family.

Love is in the air for those born in 1999, it is ideal to get married for those who are in stable relationships. It is a good year for married couples born in 1987 to have a child. Married men born in 1975 are advised to guard against infidelity.

There will be arguments over trivial matters, married couples in unstable mood will result in disputes. Children will give problems and the elderly at home may face health issues. Those born in 1963 must be mindful of their health.

Those born in the year of Rabbit should pray to Tai Sui, White Tiger and register for the blessing lamp to light up one’s path and pray for a smooth year ahead. Do more charitable deeds and bring home an auspicious Rabbit ornament to enhance luck within the family and bless the children in their studies.

Written By Master Sheng Zi Long
Folklore Consultant of Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple San Qing Gong

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