2022 predictions for those born in the year of DOG

Poetic Interpretation

The auspicious and inauspicious stars are expected to negate each other’s impact for a neutral position.  But it is advised to be cautious when networking and to do more charitable deeds.

Business is expected to be relatively flat. It is advised to maintain status quo and be patient in order to achieve the desired results. Do take precaution against devious persons and it is best to keep a low profile.

You are expected to attract the attention of your supervisor with your good performance. But this may also attract the jealousy of your colleagues and may cause a division in the team. Do handle the situation with care to avoid being shunned.

Wealth and Windfalls:
Those born in the 10th Lunar month can expect good fortune if there are happenstances. But do not let greed take control. Those born in the 1st, 4th and 7th Lunar months should take caution to avert financial losses or scams.

This may be a good year for those born in 1994 to tie the knot, while married couples may consider having a child. If there is marriage or newborn in the family for those born in 1958 and 1970, these joyous occasions can be expected to ward off the misfortunes.

Married couples are advised to exercise mutual tolerance and make efforts to clarify misunderstandings to avert any negativity. Instead, pay more attention to the children who may bring unwanted troubles. Elders should pay attention to their dietetic hygiene.

Those born in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Lunar months should register for the blessing lamp to light up one’s path. Do more charitable deeds to enhance one’s health and bring home an auspicious Tiger ornament to bring luck and prosperity to the family.

Written By Master Sheng Zi Long
Folklore Consultant of Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple San Qing Gong


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